What is YouThisMe®?

YouThisMe lets you communicate privately behind the cover of conversational camouflage. Imagine being able to send messages and media to your friends with absolute security knowing that YouThisMe hides them behind harmless everyday messages on email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook posts or tweets.

Cover Messages

When your friend/colleague sees these "covers," they know to open the YouThisMe app and see the real message. Let prying eyes read your generic messages ("The weather's great!") and never guess what's really being said ("I left the key in the file").

Super Delete

Sent something by mistake? Our Super Delete erases any trace of it even before anyone reads it.

Burn After Reading

Want your messages to disapear after reading? Even if you send the message to a whole group, it will disappear after reading, or you can set a timer for delayed deletion

Or, if you like, messages can be retained indefinitely.