What is UTM:Healthcare Messaging?

A smartphone app customized for the needs of healthcare environments:

  • Protect patient privacy
  • Improves efficiency—and workflows
  • Texting is more efficient than voice or email
  • As simple as standard text messaging: faster, easy to use and always with you

Patients & Privacy
  • A "cover" message appears via your everyday text app, notifying you of an urgent restricted message in UTM. Onlookers have no idea what is being said. You log into UTM:Healthcare to view the secure message.
  • Completely HIPAA compliant
  • Patients follow treatment regimes more closely—take medications, watch diet, exercise, etc.
  • Easier follow up with patients, and patients prefer direct contact
  • Patient communication more focused because it is text not voice
  • Send messages with text, photos or other attachments
  • Alert message indicates three levels of urgency, message origin, and discussion thread.
  • Alert messages delivered as text or email
  • Intelligent message alerts allow for managing priorities.
Easy to Use
  • Customized app for iPhone or Android
  • Separate personal from professional texting
  • Wipe smartphone if lost or hacked