Secure Data Messaging,
Kept Proprietary and Private
Engage colleagues and customers privately and securely. All on your smartphone or tablet via text and images, 24/7.
UTM Financial is a smartphone app, tailor-made for the security needs of the financial and banking industry.

How it works

Your customer sends confidential financial information.
A "cover" message appears via your everyday text app, notifying you of a restricted message in UTM: Financial
Login to UTM: Financial to view the restricted message. Identify level of urgency. Reply and act on it, inform customer you have securely received confidential information.
After the conversation, the data is archived securely for compliance.
Who UTM:Financial is For

For Accountants, Bankers, Brokers, and Attorneys, UTM:Financial allows customers to feel secure they have an easy intuitive way to send confidential information.

Clients want a safe, fast, easy way to send private financial information like Social Security numbers, income, brokerage trades, and more.
  • Send one-on-one or group messages with photos or other attachments
  • As simple as standard text messaging, faster and more efficient than voice or email, and is always with you
  • Customers can be alerted of high priority trades, critical info needs, and high need actions
  • Customized app for iPhone or Android, smartphones or tablets. Intelligent message alerts allow for managing priorities.
  • Wipe the device if it's lost or hacked
Workflow and efficiency
  • Always with you
  • Offer your customers security and protect Customer information
  • Drive customer confidence
  • Work faster and easier
  • Engage customers immediately
Really, How Does it Work?
Installation and Use
  • Software can be accessed through the cloud or installed on a locally based server
  • Provision users smart phones—iPhone or Android
  • Customize your needs and set up alert messages: Urgent, One Day, Tax, Stock Trade, etc.
  • Set up User groups
  • Start using UTM:Financial Messaging

UTM also offers customized solutions for cloud-based setups, bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and is fully customizable to integrate with disparate financial information systems.

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