Send and Receive Patient Data Safely
HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, with images, on your smartphone or tablet 24/7.
UTM:Healthcare is a smartphone app
customized for the needs of healthcare environments

How it works
You are a doctor on call for the emergency room but, you are at home.
A “cover” message appears via your everyday text app, notifying you of an urgent restricted message in UTM: Healthcare
Go to UTM:Healthcare to view the restricted message. Assess response time by three levels of urgency. Reply and act on it via text and images.
After the conversation, your data is archived securely for retrieval and compliance (HIPAA).
Who UTM:Healthcare is For

For healthcare administrators, UTM:Healthcare is a method to improve efficiency and a solution to rampant violations of HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA compliance is built into the app to avoid violations. Be available for private nessaging 24/7, or allow staff to follow up with patients during critical recovery phases to increase compliance with treatment protocols.

Patients can receive reminders about medications and treatments directly from their doctor, and receive follow-up during critical post-hospital recovery phases. The message alert system communicates the urgency of any medical matter.
Patient Security
  • Protects patient security on all sides: Compliance from Doctors/practitioners, to back office workers to other patients
  • Send one-on-one or group messages with photos or other attachments
  • Simple text messaging, faster and more efficient than voice or email, and is always with you
  • Completely HIPAA compliant: Assures and protects patient privacy
  • Alert message, delivered as a push notification, text message, or email indicates urgency
  • Customized app for iPhones, Androids, tablets, and desktops
Efficiency and workflow
  • Reduce unneeded emergency room visits
  • Improves efficiency and workflow by easier monitoring of recovery and follow-up phases
  • Monitor patient's recovery/treatment regimens
  • Provide easier follow-up with patients who prefer direct contact
  • Stores no data on the device—by administrator
Packaged Solution: Healthcare messaging in a box.
  • Easy Set Up—plug in server and download application
  • Training Materials for administration and users. Train quickly and effectively
  • Communication Materials—Communicate to employees what the application is and how implementation will occur
  • User Support—Technical Support and super user training if needed
  • Grant Application Support: we can help healthcare service providers apply for grants based on increased productivity
  • App Customization: you will receive personalized service from us. Want to customize a feature or pilot? Let's talk
Installation and Use
  • IT department Installs server and software- connects to internet and texting provider
  • Provision user's smart phones—iPhone or Android
  • Set up alert messages—Emergency, Urgent, One Day
  • Set up User groups—Emergency Room, Orthopedics, Neuro, Psych, etc.
  • Start using UTM Healthcare Messaging

UTM also offers customized solutions for cloud-based setups, bring your own device (BYOD) policies and can easily be integrated with other healthcare information systems.

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