Refund Policy

Refunds and Cancelations

You may unsubscribe from your YouThisMe® service at any time by clicking here.

For certain purchases and plans you may be entitled to a partial refund of

  • Your pre-paid YouThisMe® monthly service subscription
    NOTE: This refund policy applies only to users who have purchased a monthly subscription to YouThisMe® through this website and have incurred a monthly service charge for the canceled subscription. It does not apply to users who have purchased a subscription through Apple's In App Purchases

If you wish to discontinue or cancel your subscription to YouThisMe® and you purchased the subscription from this website, please click here. Your monthly payment obligation will be terminated as requested. In addition you will be refunded for the remaining unused messages for the month of your termination at a certain refund rate. This refund rate is calculated as the monthly subscription cost divided by the number of messages allowed for that month. For example: if you have a monthly subscription of $3.99 for 100 messages and you terminate your service with 10 days left in that month, you will not be charged for any succeeding month, plus you will be refunded $.40 (10 messages at $.04/message).

Apple App Store Message bundles, subscriptions and In App Purchases

If you purchase any YouThisMe® message bundles or subscriptions through Apple’s App Store, all sales are final, as per Apple’s App Store policy. This applies to any In-App purchases (i.e. message upgrades) you might have made.

Roll-over Policy and YouThisMe® Subscriptions

If you purchase a monthly subscription to YouThisMe® services on our website (not Apple's App Store), you are allowed up to a 25% rollover of unused messages if you use 75% or more of your monthly allotment. Otherwise, you lose any unused messages from one month to another. If you consistently find that you use under 75% of your messages per month, we recommend that you downgrade your plan to one that is more suitable for your use. Example: If your plan gives you 100 messages per month, and you only use 20 messages that month, the 80 unused messages will not rollover to the next month. However, if you use 75 messages that month, the next month you will have 125 messages. In the event you purchase a term subscription (i.e. $14.99, five month, 500 message plan) and are In the last month of the subscription, any unused messages cannot be rolled over to a new plan.