Sign Up

Download the app at Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store. Get registered as a user and give us an email address, a login name of your choosing, and a password. You’ll get a confirmation sent to the email address, and once you’ve clicked on the validation code, you’ll be ready to go!! It’s that easy.

Invite Someone

Once you’ve gotten access, give us the email address of another user you’d like to invite to YouThisMe®. Your friend will get an invitation to join. Your friend enters his/her email address, if the one you have is not preferred, and a mobile number to receive text messages. Everything your friend enters is entirely secure!

Get the App

You’ll want to get YouThisMe® directly from either the iPhone store or the Android store.

Start Using YouThisMe®

Login Screen Shot

This is the opening screen on your app. Just log in with the user name and password.

You’ll see this screen.

Landing page after login

See the tool bar at the bottom of the app:

Allows you to read messages you've sent and received
Allows you to see those to whom you can communicate
Where you can build lists of people to message and set how you want to received messages from that group
Manage your account settings, buy messages and subscriptions, change your avatar, change your screen lock, or even purge everything you've received or sent (the "Forget Me" button)